The ACE Business Club  for Champions.

Start Your Journey To High Impact Leadership With The Growth Accelerator Program For Entrepreneurial Leaders. Join The Club To Access Our Signature Masterclasses On Leadership, Business & Wealth

Search through your mind, you will definitely find someone who:

  • Is joyous and fulfilled, while achieving their life and leadership goals without a sense of desperation and the hustle mentality. They are purpose driven, prominent and profitable in their outcomes.
  • Is the highly sought after leader in their industry, getting all the attention and closing the highest profile deals from the top 1% clientele or promotions to visible and valuable roles.
  • Is a recognised, and respected industry thought leader shaping the opinions and direction of the industry because of their views, platforms and undisputed results .
  • Is highly rewarded and commanding a premium value, sometimes charging the highest fee or remuneration as a result of their brand and leadership impact.
  • Is well connected and able to build bridges across multi sectors and multi generations.
  • Is having an extraordinary career growth and getting promoted back to back.
  • Is truly influential and impactful. Confident, clear and connected.

You know their stories

They are choosing to design and enjoy living their best lives because they have defined what success means to them.

They care about serving their world using their business or career as a platform for creating positive change.

They have extraordinary impact and are achieving what seems to be impossible to others. They get invited by top media platforms both home and abroad... Giving them more visibility and growth.

They have access to success circles, high level networks, sought after sponsors that advocate for them and friendships that are wholesome.

They are not afraid of wealth, and have strong financial intelligence and know the connection between leadership mastery and wealth mastery.

They know money matters to achieve key outcomes and yet are ethical negotiators and power brokers in business and at work, while keeping their eyes on the ball.

They just seem to exude confidence and are ace leaders, who win from within.

You've always wondered within you what they are doing differently.

Just like you, they desire personal growth, leadership impact and financial success.

They want meaning and mastery.

Just like you, they are driven and focused. However, They just appear to be playing a different game.


You may even be doing great, but on the inside you know there’s a Next Level which seems to elude you because you don’t yet have the confidence, clarity or circle of success to make it happen.

You are afraid to really go as far as you know is possible for you especially financially. You may even have some great investments but you know you’ve played it safe in your wealth game.

Your leadership impact and presence is lack lustre. You are not memorable and you are not yet showing up as powerfully and effectively as you can as a leader. You even turn down some opportunities because you are concerned that you aren’t ready or in the league.

You are not the first in mind when opportunities come up in areas where you have expertise.

Despite the fact that you have a pretty good career or business, you have found it very difficult to grow past a ceiling. You are playing it safe at the entry to mid level and operating in the comfort space where there’s no real stretch or accountability.

You have a lot of great ideas flowing inside of you, but you are still not living life on your own terms.

You are purpose driven and everyone around can see it, but you still feel like a financially inadequate leader that isn't living life on your terms.

Every year, you set financial, business or leadership goals but at the end of the year, you don't scratch the surface, or go near achieving your big goals.

My Name is Udo Okonjo

I know how you feel because I was just exactly like you but today, it's a whole different story of EXTRAORDINARY

When I originally started my company, Renaissance Property, I was attracting clients who were willing to pay me around $10,000.

I got most of my clients by sending messages to my contacts and utilizing my personal network.

This was quite a deal then, but my drive and passion wouldn't let me give up. I knew there was more, and I wanted it all.

Something had to change, and I realized I didn't have to work any harder. I needed to work smart. Instead of pursuing them, I needed to get them to come to me.

I knew if I chased, I'd be chasing for a long time, so things had to shift quickly!

I had an A-ha moment one day and realized right away what I needed to do to change the game.

I implemented this strategy and the result was tremendous!

I moved from $10k per client to an average income per client of multi $100k - $1m!


One fresh scenario is that of a bank MD I had once reached out to to get business and he told me to stay in the line because they had partners they were working with.


This same person was seeking me out and wasn’t even sure if I would be willing to serve them.

More than ever, I understand the value I bring everywhere.

I don’t like to chase

I don’t like to be ignored.

I don’t enjoy marketing aggressively.

This system was the game changer that took me from obscurity, being undervalued, waiting in line and begging for business.

Now my business is highly sought after, we get paid the highest fees, we are

recognized internationally and it doesn't even require my presence to operate. It’s doing fantastic by itself.

Today, I am committed to helping redefine, democratise and demystify success for entrepreneurs and mid to senior level executives who want to Achieve the extraordinary and become the ACE in the pack. Stand Out. Authentic Thought Leaders who enjoy prosperity while making a positive difference.

On this note, I want to welcome you into this Global Collective of Champions, Trailblazers, ACE CEOs and emerging leaders. Whether you are a High Potential Leader or a High Impact Leader already, you’ll find this journey rewarding.

  • Let's work together while I open up my golden vault of experience to show you how to achieve massive success on all levels, in your business, career, family, finances, friendships, fitness (even occasionally - for your faith if that’s your thing).
  • Let me show you how to become an authority in your field, so that you can attract game changing opportunities.
  • Let me give you the blueprint to authentic success, so that you can achieve those bold goals you have set for yourself.



‘Every human being has the ability to Achieve the Extraordinary - if they are shown the HOW.’ Udo Okonjo

The ACE Business Club designed by Udo Okonjo in collaboration with other Experienced Mentors and Masterful Coaches, is your FAST TRACK TO PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP AND FINANCIAL SUCCESS with first class mentorship, along with internationally certified executive and business coaching support.

This Global ACE Mentorship Experience offers affordable access to ON DEMAND Growth Accelerator Courses and a virtual Community of Global Champions who are committed to accountable leadership impact and financial growth.

Consider this Your very own Circle of Accountable Success, your community, where along with other experienced global leaders and certified executive coaches,
we work closely with you in order to help you achieve massive leadership impact, and meaningful success in your finances.

I am honestly so excited about the work that has gone into curating the Accomplished Purpose Driven Business Leaders and ACE Coaches who will collaborate with our community to Create a Positive World of Business.

Here's More

You’ll have access to an annual membership and mentorship in the form of an Experiential Growth Journey, along with other ambitious purpose driven High Impact Leaders, Entrepreneurs, High Potential Professionals and Transitioning or Portfolio Career Executives who desperately desire and are committed to the process of Maximising Their Lives by fast tracking their Personal Growth, Authentic Leadership, Business and Wealth Goals within 12 months.

Bottom line:

We are done thinking you can’t have it all. Why not work on all the big areas of your life at the same time? With guidance and first class mentorship, you absolutely can!

Still Thinking Twice?

Here's just a tip of what participants had to say from our last physical mastermind

Deep. Revealing. Answers to big questions. It’s great to see that Accelerated Growth is a given for everyone. Dotun Oloyede. CEO Rolad Properties

Mind blown! Mind blown! Abiola Adediran, CEO Midridge Consulting Ltd

I am not alone! -Yagazie

“ I came here on a high and I’m leaving on a high”- Dr. Chibuzor Uwadi UK based Optometrist.

Who Belongs Here?

(You for sure or you won’t be reading this.)

  • If you are already achieving a measure of success but have felt stuck for some time and done waiting for someone to rescue you or hoping for your next level to magically happen, then this is the personal growth and game changing Growth Accelerator programme you want and need.
  • If you are tired of individual topics and courses that address singular issues but don’t give you an opportunity to grow and actively achieve holistic results by tapping into the most meaningful areas of personal, leadership and financial growth as an entrepreneur, portfolio career or transitioning senior executive, then this is the programme for you.
  • If you want to Make Your Life Count, but also make money count, then this is the programme for you.
  • If you are done being an idealistic purpose driven but financially inadequate leader, who wants to future proof and sustain your highest vision, plus live life on your own terms, then this programme is for you. Get in here.
  • If you want to achieve what seems impossible, and become more confident and extraordinary at whatever you choose to do in life, then the Growth Accelerator programme is for you. What are you waiting for? Another year of ordinary levels?
  • If you want to build a small business using your professional and personal experience and expertise, becoming an authority in your field so that you can attract game changing opportunities, then this programme is definitely for you.
  • If you want to belong to a community of champions who are going somewhere big and amazing to happen, joyful, authentic, confident and extraordinary while building their lives and businesses, then this is for you.
  • If you think you’ve arrived but still feel a void and a sense of lack of fulfilment because you sense there’s a much higher, deeper more meaningful dimension of your life to express, then this programme is for you. Don’t count yourself out.
  • If you have a financial, business or leadership goal that you must accomplish in 12 months or less, then this is definitely for you. Take a chance of your self. Stop denying yourself and the world.
  • If there’s a new level of mastery you want to attain, or a new season of What Next for you- and you need confidence to unlock it, you are in the right place. The Growth Accelerator Programme is designed to ignite new levels of confidence and capacity so you can take the bull by the horns.
  • There’s nothing typical about the Champions who take part in this journey. Some are Small, Growing or Start Up Business Owners and High Potential Professionals, Portfolio Career or Transitioning Senior Executives. Others are returning professionals and spiritual ministry workers who want to combine their pathway with market place relevance. Others are fresh graduates who want to collapse time to advance their leadership potential.



Are you Ready to Play Bigger?

Are you Ready for the Adventure and Transformation of a Lifetime?

Here is a sneak peek into the ACE Business Club and The Big Promise.


Unleash Your Dreams. Maximise Your Life and Show Up Fully as an Authentic Leader.

For anyone who wants to Unleash Greatness, Lead an Extraordinary Life and Become an ACE Leader who builds lasting legacy and stands out from the mediocre majority.


Unlock true Financial Freedom with 3 Fast Track Wealth Pathways.

Develop a wealthy mindset through principles that are authentic, relatable and sustainable.

Learn how to apply the Top Secrets of the truly wealthy people without mortgaging your soul and health.

Attain new levels of financial mastery and freedom irrespective of your income source and stream.


A Bonus introduction to the fundamentals of Intelligent Business Development for small business owners or start up entrepreneurs who want to confidently Attract and Retain More Profitable Clients.

Learn how to Become the Dominant Player in your industry.

Become positioned for High Value Opportunities and Collaborations.


The ACE Business Club isn’t like any other program. It is a bespoke coaching program with immeasurable returns and limitless possibilities.

For the next 1 year, I will be coach and advisor, taking you through the skills, strategies and systems you need to navigate through the waters of your industry and stand out like I have done for many decades.

This is not a theoretical class downloaded from a textbook. There are notable and internationally recognized results to backup every claim, teaching and strategies, including well-researched and practical case studies to help you understand each principle for your own brand and business transformation.

The impact of the program will not only be felt in the extraordinary shift it makes in your business profitability, career and brand recognition, it will also translate to transformation, satisfaction and fulfilment in other aspects of your life.

It will open you up to invaluable partnerships and collaborations, birth ideas and relationships and so much more in quantifiable value.

But how much are you willing to invest for the life you desire?

The total value of the program is priceless and difficult to put in figures. It’s probably why I’ve struggled for years to create this level of coaching programme.

To enrol for the Growth Accelerator Program, check the options below


GLOBAL ACE MENTORSHIP EXPERIENCE and COMMUNITY ACCESS to the following additional benefits:

  • 1 Year Membership Access to the ACE Global Academy providing on demand virtual access at your own pace to the 3 Signature Growth Accelerator Modules.
  • 10 Monthly Live In Person Growth Accelerator Master Sessions (with Access to Masterclass Replays for VIP Access)
  • Includes Priority Access to one New Year Global Champions Success Summit. (virtual)
  • Includes The Champions Half Time Review. A mid year Success Strategy Session.
  • Invitation to annual ACE CEO Escape and Radiant Retreats. ***(charged separately).
  • The ACE Business Club (A Global Champions Community) which holds on the 1st Monday of each month at 6PM- 8PM GMT*** (time zones may be different and likely to change)
  • ACE Success Year End Party. (Hybrid) Location TBC (Lagos or London)
  • BONUS for Early Action Pay in Full:
    1:1 ACE VIP on boarding Session with the Chief Igniter.

Full Payment per year


2 Monthly Payments



MASTERMIND LEVEL: An Exclusive Invitation to Advanced Leaders.

The MASTERMIND LEVEL of the ACE Business Club is an elite tier, accessible by invitation to leaders like you, who are seeking a bespoke and intensive growth experience.

Apply for an Invitation:

If you're an advanced leader ready to elevate your journey, apply here.

We extend invitations to qualifying prospects, ensuring a highly tailored and impactful experience.

Note that each cohort is limited to just 12 members, maintaining an intimate and focused setting.

Unparalleled Access and Community:

In addition to all the benefits of the CLUB LEVEL, the MASTERMIND LEVEL grants you access to an exclusive community of high-flying business leaders.

Join us in the ACE MASTERMIND 2024: The LIFE BOARD™️ Edition - a journey dedicated to redefining the standards of leadership and wealth for trailblazers like you.

Here, you'll connect with peers who are reshaping their industries, sharing insights, and forging ahead to redefine success.

My journey in the program has been an eye opener. I revisited some transactions I walked away from just because the figures scared me then. I am now confident discussing and embracing such deals. I am looking forward to more discoveries. Also, I consider accepting a speaker invitation as one of the blessings of joining the ACE mastermind class.

Before now I wouldn’t have accepted to speak or even put my face out there, but I have learnt that to build an authentic leadership brand I have to use my voice. Like Mrs O said, "Building influence starts when you decide to start speaking and spreading your truth.

Be willing to speak out. Boldly share your opinions, contribute to collaborative conversations, and be willing to expose your knowledge, thoughts and expertise to the world. Those who share their ideas are seen as more influential." We will certainly make you proud.


I joined in search of a quest to find a deeper meaning to life, especially regarding my work in the education industry. Even though I have been a leader for years, I knew there was more. I knew it could be better; it had to be more fulfilling, more rewarding and certainly more enjoyable.

It has helped me to have clarity of purpose.

I am an authentic, confident and extraordinary leader. I understand that leadership is about influence and impact, so I take meaningful actions daily. I show up present, powerful and purposeful. I am empowered to collaborate, leverage my inner circle and expand my connections. I am going mega.

The program has helped me show up more confidently, show up present, purposeful and powerful; this has helped me close business more confidently. I've also become more conscious of my circle and thinking of ways to always expand the possibilities I see.



Once again, I am Udo Okonjo

Some of the personal achievements I have gotten from using the exact strategies I will be teaching at the Growth Acceleration Program include:

  • Living a joyful fulfilling purpose driven life with an unshakable sense of clarity, confidence and capacity to master and maximise my life.
  • Enjoying an amazing family life with my MVP Hubby of life, 4 champion children. 3 adults and 1 pre teen. How cool is that?
  • Consistently earning the highest fees in any industry I belong to from Law, to Real Estate and Global Coaching/Consulting.
  • Mega Collaborations with global brands including Forbes Africa, Rolls Royce and Fine and Country International amongst others.
  • Being nominated for multiple business awards including business woman of the year by Forbes Africa.
  • Signing a JV for an 8 figure deal/collaboration and so much more.
  • Speaking and Serving as Business Leader, Facilitator or Speaker in various local and international platforms, including Absa/Barclays bank Ghana, Shell Nigeria, Oxford Business School, Lagos Business School, Berkeley Haas, Access bank, IBM, MTN, Airtel, LBS, Total Nigeria Limited and First Bank Nigeria, etc.
  • Multiple Board Directorship invitations. ** Membership of Forbes Business Council, Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute, Oxford High Performance Leadership and Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Alumni.


What is the difference between Ace Business Club and MasterMind Level?

With first-class mentorship and internationally certified executive and business coaching support, the ACE Business Club is designed to put you on the fast track to personal development, authentic leadership, and financial success While the Ace Business Club Mastermind Level is the most advanced and upgraded level. Access is by application, and only qualified leaders will be admitted.

How do I know I qualified for the Ace Mastermind Level?

After application, a mail will be sent upon review.

How much does the Ace Business Club cost

The Ace Business Club subscription costs $2,950 per year and can be paid in four installments of $850 each.

When is enrollment closing?

Enrollment is on an ongoing basis based on limited availability

Can I pay in installments?

Yes, you can. Payment can be made in 4 installments for the cost of $850 only.

What are the benefits of joining the Ace Business Club?

  • 1 Year Membership Access to the ACE Global Academy providing on demand virtual access at your own pace to the 3 Signature Growth Accelerator Modules.
  • 10 Monthly Live In Person Growth Accelerator Master Sessions (with Access to Masterclass Replays for VIP Access)
  • Includes Priority Access to one New Year Global Champions Success Summit. (virtual)
  • Includes The Champions HalfTime Review. A mid year Success Strategy Session.
    Invitation to annual ACE CEO Escape and Radiant Retreats. *(charged separately).
  • The ACE Business Club (A Global Champions Community) which holds on the 1st Monday of each month at 6PM- 8PM GMT*** (time zones may be different and likely to change)
  • ACE Success Year End Party. (Hybrid) Location TBC (Lagos or London)
    BONUS for Early Action Pay in Full:
  • 1:1 ACE VIP on boarding Session with the Chief Igniter.

What is your Refund Policy?

The ACE Business Club is a labour of love and heavily subsidised to offer access to more leaders on an annual basis. It is important to apply and accept your spot only if you’ve properly assessed that this is a fit. If for an extraordinary reason such as severe health grounds, your membership may be deferred until your recovery.

Is the membership renewable?

Yes it is an annual membership and Growth Accelerator Programme which is upgraded each year through the quality and diversity of teachers, leaders and coaches we curate.

Where will the classes hold?

The ACE Business Club is a global community of champions and as such all sessions are virtual Live in addition to the ACE ACADEMY which provides access to ON DEMAND Signature Masterclasses and Replays. Q? WHEN DO THE MASTERCLASSES/CLUB SESSIONS HOLD? The Masterclasses hold on the 1st of each month irrespective of what day of the week it falls at 6PM GMT

Why is it a Club and not a Course or Coaching programme?

We have offered many Masterclasses and Masterminds ranging from 3 days to 6 months and based on demand and experience, decided that this is the best format for long term impact and a more transformative experience.

The Ace Business Club is an ongoing community for leaders who are dedicated to the Growth Game and who understand the Powerful Possibilities that come from of having ongoing access to the right Place and Platform, People and Principles.
If access to a global community of other African Champions and Entrepreneurial Leaders is important to you, look no further.

I’m new in business, will this work for me?

The strategies taught in the program will save you years of arduous work and take you years away from your competitors in a short time.

I’m a career person. Will the program work for me?

The ACE Business Club is a Global Network for Entrepreneurial Leaders (meaning Entrepreneurs and Executives) who want to take charge of their lives and businesses/work. In addition to expanding your network across industries and globally, you have an opportunity to upgrade your leadership journey and outcomes especially if you want to fast track your personal growth, leadership impact and financial success.

If you have plans to transition from career to entrepreneurship or if you are climbing the executive career ladder and want to do so with more confidence, while getting coaching accountability from other high impact leaders, then this is your community.

Will I really see results in 6-12 months?

The ACE Business Club is a Growth Accelerator platform to help you fast track your person growth, enhance your leadership impact and achieve financial success at the level you desire and are willing to put in the work with the lessons learnt. Rather than a one off approach to results, we want you to see this an ongoing commitment to your personal growth and leadership journey as a person of influence and impact. We however offer specific time bound assessments to help you stay accountable and on track with your growth.

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